Golf in Portugal

Enjoy Portuguese sun and play golf !

Golf is the favorite sport of the Portuguese. The country is also favorable for a round of golf at any time of the year. Playing golf in this country is a totally unique experience which remains etched in your memory while giving you still want to come back. Many courses are available allowing you to access exceptional views and make you enjoy a dream setting not to mention the climate doucuer throughout the year. The hospitality and the friendly locals also leave you speechless pushing you to settle there permanently.

Eighty land at all

To play golf in Portugal you can choose between courses with eighty of the most impressive scenery as each other. They spread from north to south, from east to west. There is not a single area in which you will not find a golf course. Although the plots are varied as are the levels of difficulty, the hardest and biggest challenges would be to stay focused against the charm and beauty of this dream landscape blinding you completely. Some courses are located in the heart of the white sand dunes and are surrounded by many cliffs giving you the ocean. Others are surrounded by lakes and mountains of sight making you feel wonderful scents of flowers and herbs that intoxicate you. The majority of these courses were designed by great architects such as Rocky Roquemore mondiallement known, Arnold Palmer and Henry Cotton. They all have in common environmental quality and harmony associated with the nature simply.

The more experienced players will choose the Algarve or Lisbon coast if others are rather in the Azores or in Espinho where the second field the oldest golf throughout continental Europe. Note that most of the land have already acceuilli several international awards. In rural areas, you can practice swin-golf at your leisure. If during the day, the parties are more difficult, more and played more strained, the evening promises well with a few drinks around the clubhouses of the table or at the restaurant in a convivial atmosphere.